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All the support you need to succeed.



Your website is the centerpiece of your web presence. It's your elevator pitch when you're not around. It's the business card that never runs out. It's not limited by social media - only by your imagination! Crosby Solutions can help you realise your dream website.

Web Apps

Accessible from everywhere, connecting anyone and always available. The audience is endless, the opportunities are limited only by your imagination. If you've got an idea for an app, Crosby Solutions can help you develop and realise it.


We'll work with you to identify where you are, where you want to be, and plan out how to get there. This may involve further work with Crosby Solutions, with third parties, or ideally we set you up to be self-sufficient!


With an eye for efficiencies of time and cost, we'll look over your current set up, your expenses, your website, your workflows, your strategy and provide feedback on what you're doing well and what you could optimise.


Sometimes you just need an extra body to get the job done, or a fresh set of eyes to tackle a challenge. No matter the situation, Crosby Solutions will provide the support you need to get your Web Presence up and running.


And of course if you need a website, if you need code written, plugins configured, apps integrated, we can build that. Performant, Accessible, Responsive sites and applications to solve your problems.


Complex website with lots of moving parts? Discovering bugs in places you never knew they could exist? Let's get a complete, automated testing suite set up so that you'll feel comfortable knowing things are working as intended.


Need help keeping your site up and running? Need security certificates, analytics, DNS configuration set up? We'd be happy to help out with all those technical bits and make sure you don't inadvertently take your site down!

Where are we starting?

I need a website...

  • Starting from scratch
  • Where do I start?
A clean canvas is a wonderful place to start! Let's work out how the website will fit into the bigger picture of your business and start identifying what features it will need to have. Let's review social media and your marketing strategy. Then you get to have fun picking out a domain name and thinking about branding before we pull it all together into your new web presence.

I've been volunteered!

  • It's my turn to run the our website
  • I've never done this before
  • I don't want to break anything
Let's sit down and work our way through the site identify what needs to be done, either once off or on a regular basis, and document a strategy to ensure you're comfortable maintaining it. Alternatively, if your group is willing, you can simply outsource the site management to Crosby Solutions.

Time for a makeover

  • It needs refreshing
  • This part isn't working
  • I want it to do ___
Let's look through how your site is currently working for you (or how it isn't) and identify funcitonality and features that we want to improve. We'll look through performance, accessibility, responsiveness, search engine optimisation and map out what needs to be addressed. Then we'll make the decision about whether we update the current site or build a new one.

Where are we going?

I need to communicate

  • Static Site
  • Dynamic Content
  • A mixture
Your website is your primary means of communication with your customers or community, and it needs to do it when you're not around! Your message may be static and unchanging, describing your business and its services. Or it may involve dynamic content to keep your community up to date with the latest news. Or some combination of both! We can help you figure out what you need to serve your specific objectives.

I need to sell

  • eCommerce
  • Payment portal
Whether you're running an online store, looking for a way to collect annual dues, or just looking for an alternative to bank transfer payments, we can get you setup to collect payments and simplify life for you and your customers.

I need something fancy

  • Bespoke functionality
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Make your life easier
There's not much that cannot be done on a website these days. If you can dream it, we can build it (or at least help you identify what it will take, how long and how much). It could be forms to conduct surveys; data visualisation to tell a story; databases to track your team's performance or secure areas for member log-in. Above all else, these are the solutions that we love to build!



We work with you to make sure the website feels right to you. Because the world doesn't need another WP template site.


The web can be fast, and your website shouldn't hold it back. Crosby Solutions prides itself on producing blazing fast websites.


Your website will adhere to all the industry best practices for security. SSL certificates are the foundation, not an additional extra.


Our goal is to put you in control of your web presence, so every solution comes with documentation and support to set you up to succeed.


The internet is for everyone, and we work accessibility into the UX from the start